Discover your inward journey with Yoginess – Yoga Copenhagen NW. From the physical to the energetical, from the coarse to the fine. It is a physically demanding practice that shows us where we are open and where we hold back, where we use too much power and where too little, where we go with the flow and where we stumble, where we are attentive and where we are absentminded.

YOGINESS – yoga Copenhagen NW is just right for you! Practice yoga in small, familial groups with regular participants. We build a yoga kula and care for each other.
Learn more about me – Kirstin Hofkens – I love teaching yoga and I am happy about YOGINESS – yoga Copenhagen NW.

What is Yoga? And how does Anusara® Yoga, which I teach, differ from it?

Please find the current course schedule and prices here. I start with a few yoga courses, but I am sure that my school will grow soon, as it has done in Germany before.

Try my Anusara® Yoga Courses:
  • Whether old or young, big or thin, flexible or stiff – Yoga is suitable for everyone! Everyone is welcome at YOGINESS – Yoga Copenhagen NW.
  • All yoga classes are taught in English.
  • I explain the yoga postures (asanas) in detail and if necessary, I will offer alternatives and support so that everyone can experience the maximum freedom and joy in the asanas.
  • Don’t worry – it won’t be too exhausting! We take enough breaks and I encourage you to listen to your body to allow yourself a break at any time, no matter what the rest of the group does.
  • Because we practice yoga, which means that you stay completely with yourself and practice in such a way that you feel comfortable – without comparing yourself with the other group members or competing with them.

Testimonials of my Students
  • Dear Kirstin, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking me by the hand on my first shaky steps on the yoga path. You showed me so many new things patiently and explaining them again and again. Yoga as a whole – and so the lessons with you – gave my life a very exciting input. I have learned to know and assess my body so much better. That is why I will continue my yoga path. Thank you for bringing yoga closer to me in so many ways.–Emma P., sorry to move away…

  • Since I have been taking lessons with Kirstin, some things have changed for me for the better. I improved my posture, I am more attentive and do have a new consciousness. I am very grateful that Kirstin leads me. She does so with much devotion and has a different wonderful heart theme for each class. Kirstin shares her great wealth of experience with all her students. She also gives us valuable tips for everyday life. I’ll stay true to her and say THANK YOU.–Anja H., Kernen-Stetten, Germany

  • I feel very well guided by Kirstin, she looks at the exact posture and is always very well prepared. I also like the theory part with a heart theme which guides us as a red thread from beginning to end. Also, the meditative part is very pleasant and relaxing. After the hour, the day is relaxed and easy.–Ralf H., Waiblingen, Germany

  • Yoga at Kirstin is like a short holiday: the stress and tension of the day relieve, and after the first ten sessions I felt sporty, vital and balanced. This yoga blows away my headaches! The small group size is great: Kirstin helps with small corrections in the asanas and cares individually for each student. I will register for the next course.–Steffi U., Korb, Germany

  • Kirstin teaches a powerful yoga with wonderfully aligned asanas. That allows to find deep relaxation. She is attentive and lovingly. I can really get involved in the moment, be completely with myself. So I face the daily challenges with more calmness and a strengthened body awareness. Furthermore, Kirstin has a great source of experience, which makes her very well integrated into the lessons :-))))))–Antje H., Hegnach, Germany

  • The yoga units with Kirstin work wonders for me. Especially because I’m currently rushing from one appointment to the next. Here I can take a little break from everyday stress. I feel very comfortable in her class. Kirstin always makes the lessons so varied. I get annoyed when I don’t manage to come. You can tell she loves and lives what she does. She radiates peace and spreads it to us.  I always come out of her classes more relaxed and satisfied.–Carmen G., Beinstein, Germany