Video of Self-Made Beeswax-Wraps Replacing Plastic and Aluminum Foil

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In cooperation with the International School of Hellerup (ISH) here in Copenhagen, my daughter Iduna and I introduce here our first video about how to make beeswax-wraps. There will follow a couple of videos more about how everyone can create a happy, healthy, and environmentally better life.

The ISH challenges the children with wonderful creative tasks, and in our video project, Iduna can use a lot of these skills she had learned in only one year.  Starting with the planning of the scene, writing the text, preparing the necessary stuff, recording and cutting the video, making the transition between the scenes, composing of the start melody and and and. Not to forget she can exercise the confidence of standing herself in front of a camera 😊

At the ISH, the children learn a lot about sustainability, the reasons for climate change, species extinction, and how to protect the world. And sometimes, one of these themes from the timetables makes it into a hands-on project. For example, has there been the plastic-free Friday, where the children are asked to bring all their food in plastic-free containers or plastic-free wrapping.  (Here the beeswax-wraps would have been perfect!) But some parents had criticized that these efforts usually stop after a short while and are put aside again. At one of the PTA parent-teacher-meetings, we agreed that we must get the parents on board to make real changes: parents that get inspired by their children, but as well help and remember their children in being more consistent.

And here, our videos kick in: we want to inspire children and their parents with tips and parent-child-projects that are easy, inexpensive, fun to do, and rewarding for yourself and the environment. We hope you can support our statement: “We are all not perfect but trying to do better every day!”. Positive and ongoing change starts with awareness of the current situation and the yes to the now. But that doesn’t mean we can not work on us. Every day when you wake up there is a new chance to make things different. Only when you change the things you were always doing in a certain way, you can expect another outcome.

The Beeswax-Wraps

This beeswax-wraps are THE hit at present, and you can buy them in shops that promote sustainability and health. Unfortunately, they are quite expensive, so you might think about making them yourself with your child. What a great project! Create something new and use it on a daily base. Wrap a sandwich, some fruits or veggies as a school snack, and off you go. These beeswax-wraps will be as well perfect Christmas gift: produce them ina large quantities for relatives. Inexpensive, useful and made with love!

On top, the beeswax-wraps are an upcycling project: simple use an old cotton material that has been washed at least ones and cut it in the shapes needed. For example, I have a very big bowel made of glass which does not have a lid. So, I made a big beeswax wrap for this bowel. With the warmth of your hands, the wax will get a little softer so that you can mold it around any shape.

You will need some good quality beeswax, which you can order online or try to get it directly from a beekeeper. All the rest you needed for manufacturing the beeswax-wraps like scissors, grater, oven tray and iron you will have at home.

Due to the beeswax, the beeswax-wraps have an antibacterial quality, and you can clean them under running water with maybe sometimes using a little dish soap and let them try afterward. Please find out how to make the beeswax-wraps in our straightforward video. We would be so happy if you try it out. Please share your experience in a comment with all of us!

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  1. Annemie  October 12, 2019

    Super idea.

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  2. Kath  October 13, 2019

    Good idee! Really need to take time to het of out.

  3. Dirk  October 13, 2019

    A very good an doable idea for all of us !


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