Yoga Courses and Pricing

Yoga Courses and a Typical Anusara® Yoga Yoga Class

I teach my yoga classes according to the Universal Principles of Alignment™ of Anusara® Yoga, a modern style of Hatha Yoga. Learn more about Hatha Yoga and Anusara® Yoga at this link. All yoga classes are taught in English. With a short meditation we arrive on our yoga mat and leave everyday life behind us. The Asanas (yoga postures) we perform partly fluently and partly almost motionless and in detail. We want to experience constancy, strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, much joy and freedom. Through the asana practice we become grounded, opened and centered. So, our mind can be collected much more easily in the ending meditation than at the beginning of the class. In other words, you will be able to enjoy the 5 to 10 minutes of Shavasana – the final relaxation – much deeper. Finally, ideas and small tasks on how to transfer the teachings into everyday life round off the class unit.

Including the Yogic Philosophy

Each of my yoga classes takes up a yogic theme, so that gradually the foundations of the tantric yoga philosophy open up. The heart theme will run through the class like a golden thread. This will help you connect again and again with your spiritual side, your heart and your own intentions.

Yoga Course Offering

Beginners & Returner Anusara Elements™ Yoga Course

For people who have never practiced yoga before and those who have returned to yoga after some time, these yoga courses are the perfect choice. Get to know the basics of Anusara® Yoga and build stability and self-confidence. A course consists of 10 consecutive units/classes of 90 minutes each. We will practice in a small group of maximum 6 participants. Profit from this small group size, where I can assist everyone individually, and enjoy the familiar atmosphere.


Anusara Elements™ Yoga Course – Level 1 and Level 2

Based on the beginner & returner course I offer level 1 and level 2 yoga courses. You will learn to apply and deepen the wonderful alignment principles of Anusara® Yoga. Gain new confidence in your body and master the basic postures of yoga. In level 2 we begin to play more, to feel more: postures can be changed, transitions become more challenging and moreover we will add pranayama – the yogic breathing techniques – and meditations will take more and more space. We practice in a small group of maximum 6 participants. A yoga class also lasts 90 minutes.


Why don’t You Take a Trial?

You are very welcome to arrange a trial in one of my yoga courses with me and find out whether you like me and my teaching style. Please contact me via my contact form, then I can tell you on which day and at what time your trial is possible. One trial class only costs 80kr.


Private/Individual Yoga Course

75 minutes just for you alone or for two people! Individually tailored to your wishes, your schedule and your needs. In a telephone call we clarify in advance the exact objectives. With this information I will develop a tailored, individual plan. After the second class you will get this plan as written instructions (stick figures) to take home. It is enough to start exercising at home with 7 minutes daily! In order to achieve a noticeable success, you should plan at least 5 units/classes within 3 to 5 weeks. For a surcharge, this private course can also be held at your home.


Business Yoga / Private Groupe

If you would like to book a private yoga course or business yoga with me, then I would be happy to include you in my yoga course plan. Please contact me via my contact form or give me a call.




Private course 650 kr 1 unit lasts 75 minutes Group course 120 kr / unit need to book full course Trial 80 kr 1 unit of 90 minutes
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